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“This fast moving book is loaded with great ideas you can use immediately to improve every part of your personal and business life. Get more done, faster. Earn more money. Take complete control of your life.”

— Brian Tracy, Author, Speaker, Consultant​

"Cinchology is a well-defined roadmap to leading a successful life. It is written by an extraordinary man who has reached great heights on a journey that began in a childhood battered by a depth of poverty that would have permanently crippled most. I have known and admired Robert Louis Poole since he was little Bobby, the sweet child who’d just been taken from his family by child welfare. I remember him well, wearing too tight clothes and hand-me-down shoes, undaunted. Even then, he had remarkable grit, ingenuity, and determination along with uncommon gentleness and the joyful optimism that would bring his family back together, help him triumph over any and all hardships thrown his way, and ultimately make it possible for him to achieve great success in every area of his life. Cinchology shares with the reader his essential lesson that all good work is hard work, a guiding principle that has made him a great father and husband and successful entrepreneur. For Bobby, the keenest of listeners, giving back has always been as important as succeeding, so it is no surprise that he has taken all he has learned to teach others seeking to improve their own lives these well-earned effective step-by-step lessons. Cinchology is infused on every page with his wisdom, humility, gratitude, humor, and joy."
— Gretchen Buchenholz, Founder and Executive Director of Association to Benefit Children and life-long friend


"Life is filled with ups and downs as well as many unexpected twists and turns. In Cinchology, author Robert Poole shares life lessons in a transparent and vulnerable way that go well beyond the cliché of “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” His often-funny stories demonstrate the power of intention, grit and the resilient capacity of the indomitable human spirit!  Cinchology’s use of stories, examples and self-examination exercises can put a life of abundance within the reader’s grasp!"
— Cindy Kent, Former, President and General Manager, 3M Infection Prevention Division

CINCHOLOGY is completely absorbing and packed with one surprising breakthrough after another. This book is filled with transformation!”
— Ron Hubsher, Author of CLOSING TIME: The 7 Immutable Laws of Sales Negotiation


“Insightful ideas wrapped in real-life personal stories. Robert Poole’s breakthroughs and success is an inspiration to those that struggle with stress and work-life balance.”
— Scott Hogle, Senior Vice President of Sales, iHeart Media and Author of PURSUADE: The 7 Empowering LAWS of the SalesMaker

​“Cinchology provides wonderful inspiration and tactics for living with intent. I simply loved reading it and am implementing a few new ideas.”
— Justin Tomlinson, Author of LIVE WITH INTENT: Creating Your Future

“I've thoroughly enjoyed reading Cinchology. Robert relates life stories into thought-provoking scenarios of determination and positivity making for an engaging and fun read. The theme of simplifying difficult tasks into incremental steps, done efficiently, and with care can make any task a cinch to follow. I like the short chapters focused on unique themes (especially baseball!) and the end of chapter bullets.”
— Todd Olson, Director of Sales, Greensboro Grasshoppers, Class A Affiliate of Florida Marlins​

"When life is thrown at you - point blank - and is tougher than anticipated, turn to this amazing book and apply these timeless and proven principles to change your game." 
— Thomas Reichart, Author of LIVE WITH INTENT: Creating your Future

Cinchology inspires and motivates the reader to challenge and engage some of life’s biggest challenges. It reflects Robert Poole’s resilient spirit.” 
— Michael S. Salone, CEO 3-6TY and Author of TAGGING FOR TALENT: The Hidden Power of Social Recognition in the Workplace

"Cinchology by Robert Poole is an easy read and well worth the time spent to make an immediate impact on your ability to achieve your personal, family and professional goals. Concise and filled with applicable examples from his personal journey which allow the reader to easily identify with and relate. Simply read on your daily commute or flight between meetings – use this book during those times to improve your ability to achieve your goals. Highly recommended.”
— Mark Fung, RADM, CEC, USN​​

​"Cinchology contains many nuggets of gold when it comes to understanding success mindsets. Thought-provoking, challenging, and if you apply is sure to move you forward personally and professionally."
— Elliott Neff, CEO of Chess4Life and Author of A Pawn's Journey​​

“Robert beautifully transcribes his personal experiences and continuous passion for family and learning into a work of art and science. Like an architect, he assembles for readers a journey that raptures and bounds emotionally the excerpts of an incredible life of challenges and successes, each providing a wealth of insight. He engineers simple tactical ways to build a sound foundation in life that enables meaningful breakthroughs consistently achieving measurable positive results.  The essence of his character, core values, passion for excellence, and love for helping others are chiseled into every page. I have witnessed Cinchology in real-time and it resides in his heart and soul; the ultimate gem-a must read!”
Carlos Del Castillo, Award-Winning Sales and Marketing Consultant